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New Full Convection Tempering Line

The new full convection tempering line which includes Glass’ Curving Machine
April 18, 2016 home, News

WINDOOREX Riyadh 1 – 4 May 2016

ArcGlass will exhibit in WINDOOREX –Riyadh 1-4 May 2016
April 18, 2016 home, News

Glass & Aluminum Exhibition WINDOOREX

ArcGlass Participation in Glass & Aluminum Exhibition WINDOOREX – Riyadh 6-9 April 2015 ArcGlass hasn’t missed the valuable participation in the first specialized exhibition in glass and aluminum which is held in Riyadh – KSA. As one of the main roles' players in glass field, ArcGlass added to and got an added value from this [...]
June 16, 2015 News

What is Glass?

Glass is different, in contrast with a number of other common materials such as metal, plastics or wood, glass exhibits brittle fracture, i.e. glass can break suddenly and without any apparent warning. This often unpredictable nature of glass breakage can be both spectacular and frightening when it happens, so we must and do design glass [...]
September 11, 2014 News

Glass and Solar Energy & Radiation

Solar Radiation Not to be confused with insulation, insolation refers to the incident solar radiation that reaches the Earth from the Sun. At an average distance of 150 million kilometres from the Sun, the outer atmosphere of the Earth receives approximately 1353 W/m2 of insolation (NASA 1971). This varies by around +/- 2% due to [...]
September 7, 2014 News

Low Emissivity Glass and Condensation

Condensation will form on any surface as soon as the surface temperature falls below the dew point of the air. External condensation will only occur on cloud free nights when there is little or no wind and usually when a warm front follows a cold dry spell. As gardeners know, the air temperature in their [...]
September 7, 2014 home, News

Ministry of Health Buildings Exhibition

ArcGlass Participation in  Ministry of Health Buildings Exhibition – Ritz Carlton Riyadh 22-24th April 2014 The participating in such unique exhibition which promotes the products of high specifications and the non-conventional buildings products was a priority of ArcGlass’. Our special products like PrivaGlaze and Venetian Blinds Glass and ArcDecor Digital Printed Glass were the axis [...]
April 22, 2014 News

Big 5 Show Jeddah

ArcGlass Participation in Big 5 Show Jeddah – 9-12 March 2014 ArcGlass had a very impressive booth at Big 5 Show Jeddah which is one of the most important exhibitions of the construction and engineering industries world in the area. ArcGlass displayed there its very special unique products which took the audience’s attention. ArcGlass introduced [...]
March 9, 2014 News